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Passage by professor Korotkov

By mid 2005 being in the USA I received a phone call.

‘Hi, this is Mark from New York. We have a holistic center in Brooklyn. Sam was working with us and strongly recommended us to meet. How can we do this while you are in the US?’

Sam is a good friend of mine, doctor of medicine, psychiatrist and a talented healer. He can see energy fields, work with different healing modalities and clinically evaluate the treatment process. Sam’s recommendation was significant to me, so after some consideration I answered:

‘OK, it happened so that I have my ticket to Russia with a stopover in New York for 7 hours. We can meet at the airport’.

‘We will meet you at the gate, take to our center and then bring back for the departure. Thank you, professor’.

It is interesting, that I had no special intensions to spend time in NY, but it was the most convenient connection that provided my flying from coast to coast of the United States. So one morning I was met at the gate in JFK airport by three Russian people. While we drove to Brooklyn they introduced me to their center and their activity. After describing treatment modalities typical for the holistic center one of them said,

‘My specific interest is teaching people to see without eyes. I have a course in Brooklyn, but only for Russian people – we still have language problems.’

‘Very interesting, are you a pupil of Dr. Bronnikov?’

‘No, I’ve heard of him, but never met. I came to my approach myself, having an inspiration one day. My background is engineering, I was raised up and educated in Moscow; I was a very materialistic-minded person, far away from different metaphysical topics. Then one day, after having strong stress, I found out that I can read information on the past events. I can not see situations in the past, but I KNOW how it was. I began reading books, just by that time we decided to move from Russia to USA with my family, and after a lot of different situations and life experiences I established training course to tell people about subtle energies, about their hidden abilities to accept information. Eventually it became Mark Komissarov’s training center. Children are trained to see without using their eyes; adults are trained to develop their intuition, to accept information from the Universal Informational Database.’

At that moment we arrived at Brooklyn and our car stopped at the corner of Kings Highway and 18th Street. The Center occupied several rooms of a two-storied building sharing it with a dentist’s office. After a traditional cup of tea Mark said,

‘Let me show you how it works. For your visit we invited several children for a short demonstration. They are waiting for us upstairs’.

We entered a room, where a boy of 10 and three 8-9 year old girls were waiting for us.

‘Hello, my dear’, greeted them Mark in Russian, ‘Glad to see you. Let me introduce you to a professor from Saint Petersburg. He is a scientist and we’ll show him our exercises. By the way’, Mark addressed to me, ‘Three children attended my training before, and this pretty girl – what is your name – Gita, thank you, – is for the first time with us. We are glad to have you with us, Gita. Let us show what we can do.’

Three children produced black masks made of thick fabric, and covered their eyes. (Later I checked these masks – they were absolutely non-transparent, covering part of the face). Mark presented them a thick book in English, and they one by one were sight-reading lines from the book, on the pages chosen by me. It was clear that they could read the text from the book. I turned the book upside-down and a girl read the sentence. After this Mark placed on the table plastic cups of different colors, and children collected on demand red cups, blue cups and then the yellow ones. A similar exercise was repeated with color sheets of paper. After this they played with a ball throwing it to each other (still in masks). All this was very impressive.

‘But how long does it take to teach a child to see blind-folded?’ I asked, ’And what is the effectiveness of your training?’

‘Effectiveness depends on age’, responded Mark, ‘For 4-12 year old children the effectiveness is about 99%. In our practice one boy out of 100 being trained refused to follow the instructions. For 12-18 -year old the effectiveness is about 20%, while after 18 it is practically impossible to see without eyes, but people may be trained to access information directly. They do not see but they know. For example, one lady had to pass driving license exams. She did not try to recall the right answers – she just marked them one-by-one from the offered answers – the scores were about 70% and she passed the exams.’

‘But this way it is possible to win the casino’, I exclaimed.

‘It is possible. I had one pupil who did it this way. After every night at casino he had a positive balance. But after some time of winning he was advised by security to leave the casino and to never attempt coming back again. He tried another casino in another city, but half-an-hour after he’d started gambling the security approached him and asked to leave. It became clear that his picture was added to the global “Casino Black List”’.

‘But this is against the law! How may they forbid people to visit any place! The USA is a democratic free country’, I protested.

‘All casinos and clubs are private companies. In their regulations it is written that they may decline any customer without explanations. Seems to me, they may have bad cases of “lucky hand” before. This is allowed only randomly – to support the legend. But let us come back to our training. This girl – Gita – is here for the first time. Let me take her to another room and I will give her the first training’.

They left the room and I asked the children questions. They all had normal vision so they didn’t need “direct vision” in their everyday life. But this ability helped them a lot: for them it became much easier to concentrate attention and their school marks improved significantly.  Demonstrating their abilities to schoolmates they increased their social rank that allowed them to get higher self-esteem. So both children and their parents were highly satisfied with Mark’s school. They conveyed this message to their friends. So Mark always had pupils even in a not-so-big NY Russian community.

While we were discussing, Mark and Gita came back. About 15-20 minutes passed. Mark put a black mask on the girl’s face, opened a big book and pointed to a picture, ‘What is it?’

After several seconds girl answered, ‘This is a cow, black cow’.

I grabbed a book from the shelf and opened a page with a colorful picture, ‘What is it here?’

The girl slowly answered, ‘A house, green; a tree nearby, and two people’.

She was facing the picture with her left temple and answered slowly, as if revealing subjects in the picture one-by-one.

I was shocked. 15 minutes of training and – “direct vision!” How is it possible? Bronnikov takes months to get it, with a lot of exercises and much less effectiveness.

‘Mark, how do you do this?’ I exclaimed.

‘This is my own technology. Next time when you are in NY we may discuss it in details. But direct vision is not their only abilities. They may read information from the past. I am not interested in “reincarnation memories” – our children watch cartoons and movies from birthday – I check it in simple experiments. Let us try it’.

Mark asked children to leave the room. Then he placed several objects on the table: a comb, a pen, a box of matches. I added a little Russian icon and a little doll from my pockets. The objects were on the table for several minutes, then he removed them and the table surface was empty. Mark invited four children to the room and they approached the table.

‘OK, my dear’, Mark announced; ‘Now you need to guess what was on the table and write it on a peace of paper. Please, do not help each other.  Just imagine how it was several minutes before’.

In a couple of minutes he collected the papers. Boy hit all 6 subjects, girls got 4 or 5. Gita did not participate – too early – explained Mark. All spotted “a bright gold picture” and a doll. It was clear they did not know beforehand which subjects I would produce and the only possible accusation in deception from Mark’s side would be using telepathy. It would not be that bad either! But Mark did not pretend it.

‘In our system they are trained to access information, be it in the present or in the past. This is more difficult than direct vision (sic!) and depends on individual abilities. Most may guess 60 –70%, some do remarkable things. I had two pupils who were able to read information from computer discs keeping them in hands. It was really amazing. That means, they had access to coded information and the disc was just the connecting link. But this is quite rare and needs a special deep concentration. So after some time one girl got tired and lost this ability. She did not need it in her everyday life’.

By the end of the session I offered to take reading of Energy Fields from children. Their EPC images with filter were very good, which indicated good health state. Images without filter were in the deficiency area with a strong left-right misbalance for all of them. This was not surprising – it often happens for children of 8-11 years old characterizing their highly sensitive and vulnerable energy system.  Then I asked them to put on masks and watch pictures from my computer screen while I was taking readings from their ring finger. They were able to correctly distinguish pictures of people, cars and animals but when I produced landscapes, where there were no clear details /(with no clear details) they were able to tell only the color. The registered patterns of EPC time dynamics were very similar to those in Bronnikov’s data.

My time was over – I had to depart for the plain. Soon our Boing-757 was high above the Atlantics and I was still under the impression of my visit. 1000 questions circulated in my mind.

The first hypothesis was that children comprehended visual information with their skin, and during this process the brain was able to create new connections between the skin sensory area and the visual cortex area. These neuron connections are easily created for children but after about the age of 11 new brain connections are impossible. We may use only what we have got. 

From this point of view mental training in “direct vision” is helpful for children, as it allows their brain to develop, be more organized, and operate more effectively and faster. That is why children trained in this modality improve in their school lessons and have better attention to their tasks.

The next level of the informational exchange between the human being and the environment may happen without involvement of sensory perception. This mechanism is different from “direct vision”. It implies interconnection of a particular brain with informational structures of the Universe. The explanation may be found in the principles of non-local interactions of quantum mechanics or Multi-Space Informational Entanglement[1] - different theoretical modeling for a New Scientific Paradigm. The Paradigm which will include Consciousness as part of the Universal Structure. 


  [1]Tiller W., Dibble W., Fandel J. Some Science Adventures with Real Magic. Pavior Publishing. 2005.
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