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To an outsider, activities in our class might seem quite strange, magical or even mythical. But it is neither. What you can see there is the exposure of our real and objective material world.

I am a materialist in my beliefs and have always stood on my “materialistic platform”.  My materialistic belief was so strong that I declare myself vulgar in the matter.

In the past, if I couldn’t explain something by my typical [materialistic] understanding, I denied any given phenomena and interpreted it as an accident or some kind of trick.  I didn’t believe in mysticism. I dismissed stories of “miracles” with a light and skeptical smile. I used to say to myself: “If I saw this with my own eyes…then maybe I’d believe… but all this hearsay…”

 All remained the same until one day, when I happened to cross roads with a man who told me he could see through walls. Since curiosity was never unknown to my nature, I was eager to meet him. He agreed, and I visited him at his home with a friend of mine. Prior to our visit we worked out a secret plan of body movements, which my friend would perform while I stood with the clairvoyant on the opposite side of the wall. During this session, to my utter amazement, the psychic correctly described each of my friend’s movements in great detail. I was astounded.  This event was a major revelation for me.

Regardless of my “vulgar materialism”, I do believe in myself, as well as my sensory organs--- if I am able to determine evident existence of something that I have not believed before, in my judgment it comes into being. I do not deny facts just because “This can not happen because this can simply never be.”

So, should I have accepted the existence of that miracle? To me materialism is not just an empty declaration of my views. It truly is my realistic outlook on life. I was at crossroads. I had to make a choice. That’s when I asked myself a question – “How should I deal with The Miracle?” There were only two obvious ways:

First – proclaim the phenomenon a miracle and don’t bother trying to explain it. You do not study a miracle – you just believe and accept it as something that occurs but is above the human mind to figure out.

Second – when you full heartedly believe that miracles do not exist--- it is nothing more than one of the unknown aspects of our materialistic world. It is merely something that our current knowledge and science cannot explain.  However, absence of knowledge by no means indicated absence of the phenomenon itself.

So now I could build my hypothesis, one which can begin to explain this miracle and to investigate the process.  If new facts should appear during this investigation, I will adjust the hypothesis with necessary corrections.  I will continue to do so until I am able to explain the phenomenon.  Then surely and proudly, you and I can say that I’ve figured it out.

The above model of problem solving could be used whenever one encounters other seemingly absurd phenomena, so that they are no longer considered “miracles”. I would now like to share with you two of my assumptions that are the basis of my materialistic hypothesis.
Assumption # 1.

In our material world all physical subjects send out a certain radiation, which contains all necessary information about a particular object.  This radiation is not thwarted by physical obstacles and is not limited to distance.  I named this radiation INFORMATIONAL.

Assumption # 2.

The human brain contains a so called CENTER, capable of detecting INFORMATIONAL radiation and decoding it using one of the five senses.

I named this the INFOCENTER.

The hypothesis that I built, based on these assumptions, gives us an approximate [materialistic] explanation of the above phenomena.  So clairvoyance is indeed not a miracle; rather a deficit of our knowledge of the Universe and therefore unused abilities of human brain.  All of us humans are built upon the same principle – two hands, two feet, and a skull with a brain. No one is excluded from having this CENTER, although for most of us, it is dormant.  For one reason or another, it is highly active in those capable of demonstrating psychic ability.  Receiving and translating the INFORMATIONAL via a visual sense provides such people with an ability to “see” what is happening far away, even in a different location.  If they decode the INFORMATIONAL signal by a hearing sense, then they can “hear” conversation happening hundreds of miles away--- the list goes on and on.

While thinking about this hypothesis one key point became clear to me. We must learn to awaken the INFOCENTER of each human being, so that the entire population can be clairvoyant. Why, you ask? What will human kind gain by having this ability?

Yes, we would be able to read with closed eyes, and hear with covered ears.  This will be a huge benefit for blind and deaf people.  But what about regular people, whose five senses function quite well already?  Why should we deny what we have by nature?  It doesn’t seem to make any sense.

Let’s ask ourselves the following: “Why do we make so many mistakes in our life? What is our life?”  Just think about it.  I hope you will agree that our life consists of constant decision making.  We make decisions practically every second, whether consciously or not.  Stand up, sit down, take a frying pan with the right hand or the left hand, go around the puddle or jump over it – we make these types of decisions unconsciously.  If a problem is serious enough, conscious decision-making comes into play. For example: How do I get to Boston - By bus? By train? By airplane?

Our brain does all the work in making any of these decisions by using the information emitted from the outside.  Our senses serve as the delivery mechanisms for the brain.  Information comes in from the world that surrounds us, the flow of which is consistent and never ending, day and night, asleep or awake.  Our decisions, then, are the brain’s reactions to incoming information. For instance:

When you see a red traffic light - you stop: reaction to visual information.

When you hear your name – you turn your head:  reaction to sound information.

When you touch a hot frying pan – you quickly yank your hand away: reaction to tactile information.

The received information and the decision that follows are constantly linked.  But the correct decision will be made only if the received information is correct. If the information is incorrect, our brain can make a fatal mistake.

When and why do mistakes happen?  This can happen when our brain does not have enough information.  Insufficient information can be received when it comes only from one, two or three senses, rather than from all five at the same time.

Here is an example.

Imagine that we are entering a room.

We SEE the crystal dish with fresh lemons. 

We SMELL the odor of lemons. 

We decide that these are fresh lemons.

We are mistaken.  There are the plastic artificial lemons with lemon essence.

This mistake happened because we used only two senses instead of four.  If we would touch (tactile sense) and try to bite (tasting sense) the lemon, we would get the right information.

Now you understand how our senses can sometimes fool us, regardless of the fact that we have trusted them for millions of years.  In addition to the above, the capabilities of our senses are limited.  Our eyes are not able to see in the dark.  We can miss a big hole on the road and fall in it. Our ears cannot hear the silent robber with a baseball bat.

So, if the person would be able to use his INFOCENTER he or she would not make these mistakes.

And I call this ability INFOFEELING.

The person with INFOFEELING can SEE without eyes, HEAR without ears, and so on.  This person will be free from making mistakes--- it depends of course, on the extent to which the person possesses this ability.  It depends on the person’s skills.

The brain will make the correct decision subconsciously.  There will be a direct connection from the situation at hand to the brain itself, without any interpretations. Such a person will not make any incorrect decisions, but rather ask his/ her brain the question--- with practice, the CORRECT answer will be received immediately without any errors.

For example:

You want to buy a new vacuum cleaner.  From the advertisement you know you can find the model that you like in five stores in your area.  You ask yourself: “What store should I visit?”  Immediately you get the answer: “Store # 4”.  Now you can go there without any doubts or second thoughts.

Let’s see why.

If you make a few calls to those stores you will find out the following:

Store #1: The model that you like was sold out yesterday.

Store #2: The salespeople are on strike.

Stores #3, #4, and #5: Nothing wrong there.

But the sale of 25% off is only in Store #4.

For the beginners this analysis will be very helpful.  For the experienced people such analysis will be not necessary. Your brain will eventually trust your INFORFEELING the same way that it trusts your five senses. Just as when you see the green traffic light, you have no doubts that you can drive through.

Another example:

Assume you are a businessman and you purchase meat for a wholesale business. You are offered a very appealing contract.  Everything looks perfect--- a dream come true: the price, the time, and the freight. The FDA has already signed the documents. All that is left is for you to sign the contract, and this fantastic deal is yours!  But you reject it. Why? You cannot seem explain why, but you know for sure that the outcome of signing this contract will not be pleasant.

A month from the moment of your mysterious decline, it turns out that this unique batch of meat contained very hazardous bacilli that the FDA happened to overlook.

As result, the entire batch is rotten and needs to be destroyed. Had you signed this contract, you would have gone bankrupt. The information of this bacillus already existed, even though it was yet unknown. Your INFOCENTER picked it up, and saved you bankruptcy.

In the same way you will not fly on a plane, go by train or a ship that is going to crash.  You will feel it in advance.  You will always make right decisions: small or big, crucial or not. However, I hope you understand that I am not against our five senses. I am talking about how to enhance our sensitivity; how to add additional abilities to our system that will aid survival of the human race.

 Everything that we have discussed up to now was about one individual or another.  Now I would like to talk about All Human Kind rather than just one person.

At this point, you probably have several questions in store for me:

“Why is it that for millions of years our five senses were enough for human beings and all of a sudden they are not enough? What happened?  What changed? Are we not under that very same sun?  Have the winds on Earth changed? Do our seven seas differ as well?”

And I will answer you:

Yes.  Exactly right.  Everything is different now.

Were there tons of raw oil in the ocean and on sand beaches millions of years ago?

Were there huge tankers or air carriers millions of years ago?

Maybe people noticed radioactive dust from Chernobyl? 

Maybe they noticed the ozone holes in the atmosphere?

No. You know at that time our Earth didn’t have any of these things.

The entire world was fairly simple.  The only problems were to find food, a dependable partner, and to stay alive, to be safe from predators.  Today, our world has been altered immensely.  Our civilization changed that world.  Now MAN has difficulties surviving in this new civilized world.

Today, the population’s problems do not consist of getting hit by cars and trains; not perishing in sinking ships, crashing airplanes, or getting sick from dirty soil, or air and water; today we need to be able to survive AIDS, global warming, as well as chemical, biological and radioactive weapons! Isn’t that exciting?

Today our world is very much different and no less difficult. The change to say the least is dramatic. The quality of our world is no longer the same, either. All processes have a ridiculously high level of speed.  Therefore, to survive the world, as we know it now, MAN has to change too.  MAN does not have a choice. That’s precisely why just the regular five senses are not enough for today’s life.  We have a deficit of information about our new life.

If millions of years ago the human saw a predator, he could run. Today, if a chemical manufacturer 10 miles from you has an accident, you will not see it, smell it, or hear it. When the poisonous cloud reaches the unfortunate individuals, it will be too late. You will not survive.

Then what is the way, you ask? What in God’s name should MAN do now?

This is what I am talking about.

If the world becomes complex, and MAN must follow suit, if we are to survive, that is.

We must activate the INFOCENTER in order to freely pick up on the INFOFEELING – this is the way for all of human kind to survive.

All of us have this INFOFEELING, more or less, although its levels of activity vary from person to person. We just never really think about it.

Very often we have a strange feeling about danger; there may be a peculiar anxiety that we cannot explain, a strange dream and so on.  This strange feeling has a name. We call this INTUITION, or sometimes we call it a PREMONITION.  It literally means “a feeling about something that is about to happen.”  This feeling is a type of mysticism.  INTUITION helps us to make the accurate decision. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes the wrong.

When it’s the right choice, they say “You have a good INTUITION”, when it’s the wrong choice, they say “Your INTUITION is poor”.

But both are entirely erroneous statements. Your INTUITION can’t be good or bad, because this INTUITION is in fact the INFOFEELING.  Nonetheless, at times we end up making wrong decisions.  Why?  The problem arises if we do not know exactly how to decode the message.  This feeling is not the same as our five senses.  This feeling is more complicated.  This INFOCENTER should be developed and trained.  It needs to be practiced by putting special methods to use.

In our school we are developing these methods. We transfer INTUITION from a blurry, mystical feeling to a sharp, accurate knowledge. We are teaching our students how to get the hang of the INFOSIGNAL and to analyze it properly.  Our students understand these signals without any guessing or doubt.  Our main goal is to make the INTUITION sense #6; to make this signal a leader of all six senses.  Each of the five senses gives us one feeling per sense. When fully developed, the 6th sense, or our INTUITION gives us the feel of a combination of all five plus more.

Some people ask me: “If we are born with the INFOCENTER in our brain, why doesn’t it function by itself as sight or hearing does”?

The answer is: In actuality, not all senses are developed right at birth.  For instance – speech does not just automatically function; the ability to walk does not either.  We need to speak to a baby from his/her very first days alive. If we don’t, he/ she will be unable to speak. Children need many years of practice to develop their speech abilities to the fullest extent while they are growing up.  If a child is left among the animals, he/she won’t speak as humans do--- remember the story of Jungle Book, for example.

Coordination also does not develop immediately. You know that.  The same story with the INFORMANTION CENTER - it needs to be trained.  With this training small children learn much faster then adults.

What do scientists think today about it?  Their thoughts strictly match those from three hundred years ago: “If this is science, then show us the formula--- show us the tool that can measure this field of INFORMATION! And if you cannot prove it by these means, it does not exist and you are a just another fraud.”

These scientists don’t understand that they are facing something absolutely new, without any analogs or formulas, without any apparatus or instruments – not just yet--- the horse and carriage existed before the car did.

Why doesn’t anybody have doubts about gravitation, even though nobody currently understands the structure of gravitation?   No measurement device exists to measure the gravity field. Maybe that’s because gravity is so apparent, ever since it announced itself as an apple falling Newton’s head. 

But don’t people who can read with covered eyes, see through a wall or read the computer disks just by holding them in their hand are ultimately a Very Big Apple?

If we cannot measure something with instruments, it doesn’t mean that it does not exist. Two hundred years ago miners used to take canaries with them down into the mines. They knew that even a small amount of methane gas would kill the canary. Methane is a colorless and odorless flammable gas.

At that time miners didn’t have a gas analyzer, nobody could prove its presence but it doesn’t mean that the gas wasn’t there. For miners, the canary was their instrument.  If the canary died miners left the mine.

Today, people with an active INFOFEELING are our “canaries”--- only they don’t die, but instead just don’t approach the methane.

My opinion is that the discovery of interaction between the Universe and Human Beings is one of the greatest discoveries of our century.

A lot of specialized schools for study phenomenon exist in different parts of the world, and each one is quite a contrast to the rest.  (Our school is just one of them.)  I assume each one of them has its own unique method.

This is officially first discovery that doesn’t try to change the world or Universe, but rather allows MAN to coexist with it.  This discovery allows MAN to make a giant leap in his progress, possibly equal only to Man’s leap from a Barbarian to a Thinking Human Being. 

This now allows us to move from an Intellectual Human Being to an All-Powerful Human being. The possibility of obtaining all necessary Information straight from the Universe gives us the Absolute Knowledge about anything and everything. Within a second, this new “superman” would be able to know everything about any star in the sky. He/ she can identify the distance of that star from Earth, the weight of this star, and whether or not this star holds any form of life.

This superman can analyze a single, tiny particle of sand: He/ she would know about the chemical composition of this particle, its atom weight and even electron orbit direction.

All these abilities of the Super Person are obtained from the infinite Universal Ocean.       

   I genuinely believe this will happen, and this transition is not too far away. The discovery of Radioactivity did not come about very long ago. Today the Nuclear Electro Stations are a regular source of electricity around the world.

Arthur Clark, the writer of fiction, is famous for his prognoses about the future. Not long ago he was given an interview in which he said that our population is reaching a new step in evolution. When our population is standing on that new step everyone will be psychic and people will look different, and will have additional physical abilities.

He was talking about a future far, far away. But the door to this new world is already half open.  Actually it’s not really a door or a gate, but just a small opening for the enthusiasts to go beyond the horizon. I believe that not long from now this opening will become an open gate through which the Human Race will step into the New and absolutely Fantastic World...

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