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Working with blind kids in Russia

Experimental summary of the developing the ability of “Informational Vision”

 February 7th, 2007-February 10, 2007, St. Peterburg


Researcher: Mark Komissarov


Research Group Leaders:

Professor Shepovalnikov A.N. – EEG

Professor Korotkov K.G. – Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV-valuation of psychophisiological and somatic condition).

Professor Zvonikov V.M. – phsycophisiology.


During the educational process a dynamic control of children’s condition was performed by methods of EEG, GDV and behavioral observation.


During these experiments by M. Komissarov classes where performed to teach  Informational Visualization to two groups blind and visually impaired children:

ages 8-11 and 16. The lessons where conducted from 3:00 to 5:30pm in a regular room with many scientists present for observation. The kids selected for the experiment didn’t have any obvious psychological abnormalities. All of the kids had adequate reaction to education.  The classes were conducted after an explanation was given to the kids and their understanding and full agreement


The experiments demonstrated the following major results:


  1. All Visually Impaired Children ages 8-11 with whom the study was conducted, starting with the first class showed an ability to recognize images (reading text) and orientation in the room  without using direct vision (wearing a blindfolded mask).
  2. Blind kids, age 16, after the very first class showed an ability to recognize different colors of colored paper, shown to them by M. Komissarov in a random order. The differentiation was made between 6 colors.
  3. As the educational process progressed the number of correct answers increased from 20-30% to 90-100% among different kids.
  4. A recording of EEG and GDV was conducted prior to the experiment of the study and during the study.
  5. The results of the GDV conducted during the educational process among different children showed a significant improvement of psychosomatic condition -

a transformation from energy deficient condition in one or both children’s hands in the initial stage of the experiment to a stable condition after attending 2-3 days of  classes.

  1. An analysis and data report will be done after completion of the study and additional evaluation of kids.


Professor Shepovalnikov A.N. MD, PHD

Professor Korotkov K.G. PHD

Professor Zvonikov V.M. MD, PHD

Mark Komissarov, President of the Institute of Infovision, President of Blind Care Foundation, NY, USA

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