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Peace beyond the horizon.

Peace Beyond The Horizon


The following is a unique theory and method as envisioned by the Russian-born Mark Komissarov.  It is based upon his discovery that people are capable of decoding information about the environment of the world around them without using sense perception.  His background as both chemist and engineer leads him to conclude that the latent potential of our minds are quite incredible in acquiring relevant data through unusual pathways.  Engaging his students with respect to this notion, alone, stirs and enlightens his classes.

      Mr. Komissarov founded the Info Institute and Blind Care Foundation in Brooklyn, N.Y. in the year 2000.  For six years, he taught young people and adults how to acquire vital information about their personal surroundings while their eyes are closed; the results were phenomenal!  One of his lessons taught Children under twelve years of age how to quickly recall written texts without actually "reading" them.  This was done after only their first session.  Later, they learned how to do many other things such as describing pictures, coloring, finding balls hidden under caps, etc.  Though the subjects were working in actual time, they all learned how to apply new capabilities of perception to past applications.  For instance, they would give answers about objects that are not on a table any longer; they would build structures repeating the correct color patterns and arrangements of items such as plastic caps, sheets of paper, books, etc. 

      Even though some of the students were, indeed, more talented than others - since they were able to read computer disks while holding it by hand - all of them achieved extraordinary results.  The conclusions of this highly unusual exposition signify that there may be some sort of information or data field that is ever-present in our human environment.  The theory, of course, requires further scientific study, specifically in neuro-biological research.

      One of the focus points in this theory involves "Alternative Sight".  It could help blind people to enjoy a more interactive and, thus, happier livelihood.  Having this sight potential for learning would open up for the person another avenue for learning.  There are many millions of blind people who could benefit from the findings of such innovation as being introduced by the Info Institute and Blind Care Foundation.  The founder and president of the Institute, Mark Komissarov, is positive that his graduates will be able to make the right decisions in different situations in their work and in their personal lives.
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