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    Blind Care Foundation, a charitable fund for helping the blind, was established in the year of 2004 in New York (USA). The key goal and objective that stands before this foundation is not to aid the blind in adapting to a life of darkness, but to let them to see light by snatching them out of this dark.

    Such a goal may appear to be one of fiction and fantasy, but only to the unknowing individual. Mark Komissarov, the founder of Blind Care Foundation, has designed a technique (patented in the US) purely for the activation of the abilities of the human brain to directly receive information from the surrounding world without utilization of the original five senses. In other words, given the necessary training, the person will acquire the ability to see without eyes, to hear without ears, etc.

    Komissarov has been researching the vast possibilities of Infovision since the year 2000. It was then that he organized an experimental class in New York in order to teach this “direct vision”. The students of his class, firmly blindfolded, soon acted in any given environment no differently than one whose eyes were open. They were able to read, write, walk around the room without stumbling on furniture; they played with a ball, boxed, rode a bicycle on the street--- after attending this class, the students were capable of doing everything blindfolded.

    The possibilities offered by the concept of “direct vision” attracted children with poor vision to Mark Komissarov’s class. Teaching them resulted in success and boosted the confidence of having chosen the right path and approach. It was then that Blind Care Foundation first came to exist.

    In 2007 Mark began working at the Grot Boarding School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Children (located in St. Petersburg, Russia). All of the students in the boarding school who had undergone the required training acquired the ability of alternative vision.

    Aside from helping the blind, the Foundation takes upon itself another major task; to scientifically prove the human’s brain ability of Infovision. The scientific research of this phenomenon started in 2007. Scientists from both the New York University School of Medicine (US) and the Saint Petersburg Science Institute of Psycho-Neurological Research (Russia) participated in this project.

    Encephalographic tests were preformed to show that even in the absence of light, visual images were received by the human brain. More specifically, all research confirmed that people can indeed see without using the [usual] organs of vision.

    As of today, modern science is still incapable of fully explaining this phenomenon. Scientists’ reports can be found in the Articles section of this website.

    The completed research also revealed yet another fascinating regarding Infovision: the IQ of children who had attended the class doubled; the ability to receive and process information increases. These children then become twice as smart as their peers, and this is particularly the very reason as to why children with perfectly functional vision attend Komissarov’s classes as well.

    However, the school also has classes for adults. Activating the Center of Infovision in an adult significantly expands the person’s ability to receive [supposedly unattainable] information and minimizes the frequency of mistakes in decision making, specifically in matters involving business and family life.

    Scientists also suggested that activation of the Info Center will allow a cure for issues such as autism, mental retardation, Alzheimer’s, and other similar mental illnesses.

The Foundation’s geography is not limited to just New York City or the USA. Mark Komissarov has taught Infovision via seminars in New Jersey, Boston, Detroit, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Odessa, Barnaul, and Bashkiria. A seminar can be requested by contacting Blind Care Foundation at (718) 696-8293 or by e-mail (markkomissarov@

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